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Organising for Cloud

Organising for Cloud
05/06/2020 UBDS

If the spring of 2020 has taught us nothing else, it has taught us that we need to be prepared – for anything. In a matter of weeks, countries across the globe moved from everyday society to COVID-19 isolation and lock-down: the pandemic was the catalyst for transformational change in Technology Departments across the UK and abroad.

Organisations that had already embraced cloud technology and agile working were best prepared: within hours, they organised COVID-19 response teams, reordered backlogs, and scaled remote access solutions – sometimes by as much as 400% – and this minimised the impact to frontline service. Organisations that were still reliant on physical infrastructure and service management processes could be caught off-guard. Although leadership helped address the gaps in some areas, this pandemic, like any significant transformation, has once again proven that we need more than just leadership to survive or grow more robust in a crisis.

At UBDS, we enable companies to transform to modern, digital ways of working. We offer the technologies, processes, and modus operandi needed to prevent the next challenge from escalating into an organisational crisis.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

With our support, one large Central Government organization migrated 138 legacy line of business applications from its Outsource IT Provider to a hybrid-multi-cloud model.

Our team migrated 50% of the applications to Amazon Web Services through a combination of re-writing, re-platforming or simply re-hosting; the rest were moved to Microsoft Azure, On-Premises Datacentre hosting, or were retired.

One application reduced its annual costs from £8M direct costs, and £20M indirect (shared) expenses, to £132k per annum: this represents a reduction in annual running costs by over 60 times.

Applications running in the cloud benefit from incredible efficiencies including instant scalability, infinite supply, self-healing, pay-as-you-consume, reliability and security. For organisations, this translates into truly significant cost reductions along with an agile, and easy-to-use technological foundation.

Read the full Organising for Cloud Insights report:



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