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Digital Transformation

Harness the power of Strategic Cloud Services, IoT and Machine Learning

Our Approach

We’ll work closely with your team to design the organisational model, turning ‘best practice’ into ‘best fit’. This includes the tooling, processes and organisational model, including the roadmap to get there.

When it comes to delivering digital transformation, size really doesn’t matter. Our team of experts have helped small, medium and large enterprises to evolve their technology services. No matter what kind of organisation you are, we’ll bring you to the edge of innovation.

What does it involve?

  • We help organisations to understand the different cloud providers and which is the most appropriate for their business including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), VMware, Velocloud, Silverpeak, IBM Cloud, Skylab, UK Cloud, and more.
  • We help organisations to implement a hybrid cloud model maximising the offerings of cloud and on-premise hosting providing different security controls for different data classifications.
  • We help organisations to implement a multi-cloud model to allow full freedom and flexibility of hosting and avoid vendor lock-in.
  • We help organisations to build repeatable shared services in containers for maximum transferability and avoid vendor lock-in and further increase resiliency and failover, e.g. using Docker, Kubernetes, EKS, etc.
  • We help organisations build a modern, fit-for-the-future, organisation model that is agile, adept and able to respond instantly with new product releases every few minutes instead of every few months.
  • We help organisations to implement effective governance for cloud, e.g. the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), bi-modal, ITSM, agile, Scrum, Sprints and Kanban
  • Includes powerful tooling: JIRA, Slack, Confluence, PowerBI and others
  • Migrating to cloud, total cost of ownership and benefits realisation
  • Protect against cyber security risks and threats
  • Building Internet of Things, Machine Learning and software bot services

Why is it valuable?

  • Reduced operating costs / total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increased resiliency and service stability (RPO, RTOs, SLAs, backups, Azure Site Replication (ASR))
  • Utilising the elastic nature of cloud (EC2, vNet, VPC)
  • Transition from current operating model to a hybrid-multi-cloud model
  • Secure networking – Peering, DirectConnect, ExpressRoute, Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD WAN), 4G, 5G
  • Full transformation in less than 6 months – rapid delivery
  • Build self-healing, auto-scaling applications
  • Protection from cyber threats and risks
  • Reduced costs using software bots and automation
  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • ‘Time-to-release’ goes from bi-annual to every few minutes
  • Save 10-25% in annual costs
  • Customers and users are five times more satisfied
  • Fast-paced iterative deployment
  • Core, edge, mobile and IoT technology

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