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Apps Modernisation & Migration

Upgrade legacy applications to perfectly support the needs of your enterprise - now and into the future

We will migrate, rearchitect, replatform or retire your legacy applications to ensure their functionality perfectly aligns with your organisation’s needs. We will create a tailor-made modernisation plan to align with your business profile and risk appetite. Our expert consultants have decades of expertise in application and datacentre re-location to Crown Hosting, AWS, Azure and other Cloud providers.

Use Cases

The rapid migration of apps to the cloud has brought swift transformation of the way many digital services are managed. However, many enterprises still rely on legacy applications that are no longer fit to support their dynamic needs and which block the transition to a future-fit digital foundation. Critical applications that rely on outdated infrastructure are difficult to bring under full governance, security and GDPR compliance and rack up high deployment costs. Our expert consultants can help you modernise your applications so they can be rapidly deployed, scaled and updated at a fraction of typical operating costs.

What We Do

Our experts undertake a discovery/archeology – of all applications

Identification of all stakeholders, product owners and application developers

Understand and define the end-to-end process for each application

Develop a strategy for secure migration of apps and any data

We can implement a single big bag or incremental migration strategy which is done over the weekend and in the evenings

Our consultants may need to develop a different system and run the apps in pilot

Tailor-made packages for education, training and handover of application management

Our Approach

Our team of experts will undertake a discovery to identify all stakeholders, understand the end-to-end process as well as all application services and dependencies. We use highly secure and proven solutions for migration of applications, data or servers to Public Cloud or On-Prem to complete a smooth transition process for all stakeholders and end-users.

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